Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I can't resist


So I'm supposed to be taking a break! And, my instincts tell me it isn't good to broadcast when one has left her house and dog-girls with sitters.

But I just can't resist posting this photo taken Christmas morning which, of course, gives away that Glenn and I traveled to the east coast to spend Christmas with Erika and Christian and their dog-children.

While a "turducken" roasted away in the oven, we headed for Slaughter Pen Farm for a Christmas morning photo shoot with the new camera and tripod Christian gave Erika for Christmas. We had a great time tromping around the barns and other crumbling buildings at the farm and later in the day, my niece, her husband and my sister-in-law joined us for s delicious dinner that I didn't lift a finger to prepare! (I did do my share of kitchen clean up.)

The other five subjects of the photo are still snoozing away, and I'm here savoring the memory of a lovely day, missing those who couldn't be with us, and feeling grateful for all the many good things in my life.


Taryn said...

Such a handsome family! And you had me fooled with yesterday's post as I figured it was Erika posting.... :-)

Boo's Mom said...

Thanks for the compliment, Taryn! The camera has an attractive-ness enhancing option! You were right that Erika did the "Merry Christmas from Virginia" post.