Monday, November 12, 2012

Late Sunday Afternoon

On Friday, Glenn and I drove four hours north of us to Santa Barbara for the weekend wedding celebration of one of the sons of my very best friend.  With two professional photographers there, I didn't bother taking photos, but did capture this one of the Mother of The Groom's and my pedicures that I treated us to the weekend before. 

We skipped the post wedding breakfast and drove home early and I was delighted to find Fall had arrived in San Diego while we were gone!  The temperatures outside were only in the low 60's -- low enough in my book for a fire!  The first fire of the 2012-2013 season!  Maybe I should qualify that -- the first fireplace fire of the season.  We want no fires outside of the fireplace this season or ever.

Poor Pumpkin.  It seems she needs to bury a bone -- or in this case an antler -- for awhile before she can enjoy it.

Because Pumpkin and Darby sometimes fight over bones, I leave them in separate rooms to enjoy them.  Darby settled down on the dog bed under the computer desk and her chomping could be heard from behind the closed door. 
But, Pumpkin wandered from room to room with the antler.  Sat next to me, got up, went into the living room, climbed the stairs to her favorite spot on the landing, came back downstairs, etc., etc.   After an hour or so, Darby snuffed at the door letting me know she was done chewing and wanted out.  I collected the antlers -- Daby's much worse for wear; Pumpkin's in perfect condition!

We spent way more of the afternoon than I should admit to just like this:

It was a great weekend, and late Sunday afternoon?  It was near perfect!


scotsmad said...

Sounds perfect to us. There's something so beautiful about a fire in the fireplace. SHE wishes we had one.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Lois said...

Pretty toe toes ! I love a Fall Sunday before the fire, on the couch, and a corgi cuddle ! PERFECT.