Thursday, November 15, 2012


Darby burps and Pumpkin farts.  (Excuse me, Mom, gone to your heavenly reward many years ago, I meant "expels gas.")  Neither one of them does either one of them very often.

While watching Glenn eat an apple, Darby keeps her mouth shut and drool flows from the sides of her mouth.  Pumpkin's tongue hangs out (like always!) and drool drips off the end.

Darby waits quietly in her crate for me to let her out in the morning.  Pumpkin decides when she is ready to start the day and snuffs loudly for a bit, then gently bumps the crate door, then starts bumping the door faster and harder.

While they are waiting for me to fill their food bowls or for me to give them a treat, Darby will often jump straight up into the air over and over again.  Pumpkin runs in a tight little, toe-nail clicking circle around the kitchen table. (Both of those habits are my fault for not training them better.)

Darby sprawls with both legs behind her.  Pumpkin usually has her legs tucked off to one side.

Darby is more interested in Harry and will get right up in his face.  Pumpkin only bothers Harry if Darby has started it first.

Darby barks when the coyotes howl in the canyon behind us.  Pumpkin doesn't usually respond.

Pumpkin likes to sleep or rest propped up on something -- me, the edge of a dog bed, the arm of a chair, the "bumper" of the fleece pad that lines her sleeping crate and she'll use her feet to bunch up a blanket or towel if it doesn't have an edge.  Darby likes to sleep next to me, touching me, but doesn't usually prop herself up on anything.
On me.
Against me.

Pumpkin has a hard time staying still when she is being petted; she squirms and wiggles around while obviously enjoying it.  Darby almost goes into a trance.

Darby acknowledges us vocally.  If I get up in the middle of the night, she snuffles softly once or twice.  If she is lying up against me and I move, she snuffles.  When she is lying patiently next to me during dinner waiting for a treat that she almost never gets, every now and then, she snuffles.  In the rare times when she has been sleeping somewhere where I'm not, when I come into the room, she snuffles.  She also gently thumps her tail.  On all those occasions, Pumpkin only thumps her tail.

Pumpkin is affectionate and outgoing.  Darby is loyal and serious.  Oh so serious.

Pumpkin has "running" dreams.  Darby doesn't.

Pumpkin likes to play.  Darby?  Not so much.

They both love to eat.  Of course!  They're corgis!


Taryn said...

Jimmy...affectionate and outgoing And his tongue is always out!. Wilson is loyal and serious...

scotsmad said...

We all have our little traits. Roxy does the dinner jumping, Bella tap dances. I, Daisy, sit back and wait patiently to be called.

We think the girls are both endearing and have found their niche.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy