Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home again!

Glenn and I are home again!  And, so happy to see the girls!  I think they were happy to see us, too!  Darby "puppy-eared," softly whimpered and clung to me -- as best a creature with no arms can cling -- while Pumpkin took a couple of laps out the patio door, around the yard, back into the house, and around the downstairs, stopping each time for a few ears skritches from each of us.   House/dog sitter Emily did a good job, as she always does, but I guess the girls really like it when their real people are home!

We got in late last night and didn't unpack.  This morning, the girls circled our bags, wondering I'll bet, if we were staying or leaving again! 

While I don't have a very big readership, I worry about announcing to whomever might run across my blog, that we are both going to be gone -- especially when we are going to be away for nearly two weeks. I suppose that's silly, but I am shocked by how much information can be found about a person now that the internet gives such easy access to data one used to have to do serious research to find.  Goggle your name!  And, do you know that cameras capture and can display location information when you take photos, unless you disable, or don't enable, that function?  So, even though Emily was here taking care of the house and dogs,  I didn't tell you we were leaving. 

But, I'm happy to tell you now where we went!

 and here,



 and here (and a lot more places!) 

And, we got to most of those places by way of this:

I'll be posting a few more photos this week.  Be warned, though, that they won't include a speck of Corgi content!

We had a great visit to New York City (the first for both of us) and a great cruise.  But, it is also great to be home! 


Lois said...

WELCOME BACK !! Trip looks sooooo fun ! Great pics, and looks like weather was wonderful too.

Taryn said...

I look forward to your photos....corgis or not!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for being careful with information - better safe than sorry. Heck, I've googled my dogs names and been amazed at how much info comes up.

scotsmad said...

Home is best! We know the girls were happy their pack was back together. Probably a good idea not to advertise....sad that you have to be that careful.

Looks like a fantastic trip.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Lisa Harris said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I agree with your comment about not letting on about being gone. I try not to post that either.

Boo's Mom said...

Lois, we had wonderful weather. A couple cool drizzly days, but I loved those as much and the cool, sunny days. Thanks, Taryn for encouraging me to post more photos. Thanks for the encouragement. And, everyone else, thanks for making me feel less silly about not feeling comfortable telling in advance that I was going to be gone. Lisa, I was born in Michigan -- Detroit/Hamtramck -- but moved to California when I was 5 -- nearly 55 years ago.