Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Worried Cow Eyes

Darby, you have cow eyes.

Your big sister Erika says so.  And if Bonnie and Bailey could say so... they would agree.

Darby, you look worried.  You always look worried. 
Bailey looks worried too.  All the time.  But when he's not looking worried he's looking like a clown.
When you're not looking worried... you're looking serious. 
Soo serious Darby.  
Did your silly mom put you in that suitcase?  Did she? 
She used to do embarassing things to me as a child as well. 
You seem to take it pretty well. 
Like, I would never have worn that silly communion veil.  Nope.
(oh wait... maybe I did)

Don't worry Darbs, your mom will be back soon to show more embarrassing photos of you on this blog. 

We miss her too.  :)


Taryn said...

Poor, put-upon Darby. Hers is a rough life.

....Funny pictures 'cause she really does look worried....darn suitcase!

scotsmad said...

We get worried when we see a suit case, Too!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Lois said...

Ears back add to the look of angst....brown, liquid pools...gimme me a kiss :-)

Boo's Mom said...

Poor, long suffering Darby! The things I make her do! Thanks for filling in for me, Erika.