Thursday, July 12, 2012


If you've been reading this blog for a bit, you've probably figured out that I love weather.  We don't get "weather" in the San Diego area -- or we get it very, very rarely, anyway.

Most of you will laugh at what I considered "weather," but anything other than uniform blue skies, relatively mild temperatures and low humidity qualifies as weather in my book!

On Wednesday morning, I knew weather was coming.   Look at this pretty sky:
When I got home from work on Thursday, it was windy and it was obvious it had been windy for a while -- some empty pots and a few patio furniture cushions had been blown around the yard.  I didn't bother to take photos of them, but I did take these photos of the wind:

The dog-girls seemed extra frisky -- maybe because it was a good 10 degrees cooler on than it had been on Wednesday.  It was fun watching them running up and down the "hallway" formed by the side of the house and my vegetable garden. 

Can you find Pumpkin? 
I love how the wind ruffled the flags flying on our house and those of our neighbors on either side.  I love how the leaves of the newly-pruned Cottonwood tree rustled in the wind.  But for me, the best thing about the wind was watching it's effect on the whirligig Glenn welded to our gate.

I LOVE it!


Lois said...

All the pretties in these pics :-)....Whirligig on that fantastic gate, a brilliant touch...thanks for sharing.

Taryn said...

I love you your yard! Great view, and lots of little personality touches everywhere. It looks like a wonderful place to hang out, esp. with that great Sandy Eggo climate!

The flowers in my yard are at peak but it's hard to sit outside or eat dinner on the deck 'cause it's just too darn hot and humid!