Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Corgi Content

On Saturday, we headed north an hour or so with our good friends Dale and Nancy to the Temecula Valley. 

It's a beautiful area (in a barren, grey-green, Southern California sort of way) that is home to many vineyards.  Sort of like Napa/Sonoma, but not.

We visited two wineries and our favorite of the two was Leoness Cellars where we sat on the patio and enjoyed sangria, an "artisan" cheese platter and the views around the winery.

As a first time grape grower, I've been wondering if our grapes look "right."  I was pleased to see the grapes at Leoness look pretty much like mine and I snapped this photo to prove it:

Here's a shot of mine:

Temperatures were in the low 90's and off in the distance over the mountains, our typical summer thunder clouds were forming.  I love those big clouds -- they break the monotony of clear, blue skies.

We visited with our friends over dinner and dessert, stayed over in a hotel rather than driving home, and continued visiting over breakfast this morning.  It was a nice little, one-day getaway and one I hope we repeat again, soon!


Taryn said...

Beautiful scenery!

Isabelle said...

it looks like a great place to visit, thanks for sharing !!