Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pucker up

See that ball Pumpkin is playing with?

Well, it isn't a ball -- it's a lemon! 

And if these photos didn't make you pucker up just a bit, I don't know what will!

P.S.  I looked it up -- too much citrus can upset a dogs stomach, but it isn't bad for them.
P.P.S  Lois, please don't look at the between-the-toes hair that is in serious need of a trimming.


Lois said...

Just a wee bit of hairs :-)........I am still stunned Pumpkin went for the lemon. SHE isn't puckered up, not one bit !

Taryn said...

I am pretty amazed she even tried a lemon, let alone seems to like it! I think my guys ate some clementine slices, but those are quite sweet.