Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest Good Things

1. The miracle of air travel -- saying goodbye to my daughter and seeing the sunrise on the east coast, and being home on the west coast in time for lunch.

2.  Cloudy skies.  I will never get enough of cloudy skies. 

And rain.

3.  People coming together for a good cause.  Americans are such generous people. 

4.  Spending time with Bonnie and getting to know Bailey.

(He makes me think of a chocolate Easter rabbit when he sits like this.)

5.  Being fortunate enough to travel to the same place multiple times so that it, too, feels like home somehow. 

6.   Good things to eat.  (And people with naughty senses of humor.)

(Maybe the best BBQ I've ever had.  In Gordonsville, VA.)

7.  Coming home. 

1 comment:

Lois said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your very nice trip to a part of the country most dear to my heart....and of course, Bonnie, and that wacky "bunny", the haunch postured cute !!!!!