Sunday, May 20, 2012

I couldn't resist

Last week, we spent some time scouting the antique malls and shops in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

We bought a few treasures (in our opinions!) but the best was something Erika spotted and I purchased:

The Corgi Toys box alone would be cool enough for a lover of Corgis, but look what's inside the car:

It's a Pem, not a Cardi, but that's OK.  

Of course, none of us would ever let our precious dogs ride on the rear shelf like that (although I remember riding in the same spot in my parents' car many, many years ago!)
I'm certainly not a collector of toy cars, but

I just couldn't resist this one!  


Taryn said...

I probably would have had to have it, too ;-)

Lois said...

It's SPECTACULAR !!!! Lucky you :-) ...and in the box, no less !