Sunday, May 20, 2012

Corgi Toys -- Update

Well, I guess these Corgi Toys are quite the rage!  I had no idea!  I think I got quite the steal, based on what I read here, and considering as Lois commented earlier, that I have the box in excellent condition AND its "Join the Corgi Club" mail-in form.  (The dealer I purchased the car from claimed to be selling it to me for only a little more than he paid for it.  I thought he was saying that just to make the sale...but based on some of the eBay listings, it seems he might have been telling the truth!)

I don't think I'll be collecting any more Corgi Toys, but I'm sure happy to have the one I do!

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haopee said...

Hello your Corgi-ships! No more purchasing? Why? It looks sooo... die-cast! You'd think a car brand was named after Corgis.

Speaking of, we were going through the school supplies section and my partner sees these dog paper clips. He sees the CORGI paper clip and instantly grabs them saying to me with sparkly eyes, "I'm going to buy this because I want to."

Huggies and Cheese,