Thursday, April 19, 2012


I've noticed that Darby likes to burrow into things and Pumpkin likes to prop herself up on them.

I'm not sure you can see this as well in these pictures as I can in real life, but here is Darby, whose rear end is snuggled as far as she can get it into this too-small dog bed. 

She actually wiggled around for awhile until more of her was tucked under the rim of the bed.  

Now here's Pumpkin perched on top of the little bed.  
She chose, as she often does with blankets and the pad in her sleeping crate, to use her front feet to bunch up the pillow lining the bed to make it higher so she could rest her head on it.

I noticed another difference in these two photos -- the quality of the light.  Darby's photo shows the morning light on the north side of the house filtered by shutters; Pumpkin's photo was taken by the light of the lamp on the shelf behind her.  

Differences.  I like them. 

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scotsmad said...

We scotties are 'propers' We don't snuggle into things. We lie flat out. Roxy on the other hand is a doughnut dog. She tries to curl up very small. But none of us burrow. The girls look so cute.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy