Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update from Virginia

Don't worry... we're still here!  We've just been busy and haven't downloaded all the pictures from our camera.

The snow just starting to fall.  A lot of it melted before it started to stick.  The temp outside was in the high thirties so I was surprised it was even snowing to begin with.

Bonnie watching the snow that happened a few weeks ago.  They called for an inch and we had about three.  She has seen snow before, but never while it's falling.  She sat there for a half an hour watching it.  Bailey just snoozed on the couch.


Boo's Mom said...

How funny that my granddaughter dog stared at the snow falling. She must have been thinking "What the heck?" Reminds me of a time when you were little, pre-verbal little. Daylight savings time had just ended and that one hour difference made it dark at dinner time when I stood at the front window holding you while we watched for Daddy. You pointed out the window at the dark then tipped your head and turned your palm up in the universal "What the heck?" gesture. You then turned and stared out the window with your nose on the glass and your sweet little fingers gripping the muntins. You hadn't done anything like that before or after, so I have to think you were commenting on the dark sky you hadn't really experienced before.

scotsmad said...

Falling snow is a mesmerising, sort of like fire. That is, if you have the time to watch it.

XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy