Saturday, March 24, 2012

Signs of Spring in CA

So, on Thursday Erika showed you some signs of spring in Virginia. I'm here today with some signs of spring in very southern, Southern California.
Lettuce fresh from the garden.
People walking up the service trail a couple of houses down with the girls standing guard.
Nectarine blossoms.  Fingers crossed for a good year. 
Early Girl tomato.  I hope it's a good tomato season, too!
Harry is getting braver and wandering farther out into the yard.  Gonna have to keep an eye on him!
Wet knees from kneeling in the grass still damp from the weekend's storm. 
Green grass and dogs running through it. 
The possibility of grapes. 
Our beloved, horrid cottonwood tree and one of its two clusters of leaves.


Lois said...

Lovely, lovely. We have full bore spring in NC now, but no tomatoes !!! And you are so grass and a dog(s) to run through it !

scotsmad said...

Looks beautiful. Hope the Nectarines come in. We're getting the last of the tomatoes and potatoes. And this morning we saw our first coloured leaves.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy