Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sorry -- still no Corgi Content

My dog-girls were as happy to see me when I came home last night as I was to see them!  In fact, they forgot their "sit and be petted" manners (which are only so strongly ingrained, anyway!) and I let them forget.

My granddaughter dog, Bonnie, was equally as happy to see me when I arrived in Virginia, and she, too, forgot her manners.  She is VERY well-mannered, so that did send a message to her happy grandma!  I feel badly that I didn't get a single photo of her in the three days, four nights I was on the East Coast.  But, Erika and I were busy, busy!
Erika's neighborhood is pretty; especially this time of year.

My daughter is pretty, any time of year but especially when she is wearing a new cowl knit by her mother.

On the way to Luray Caverns.  It never got any warmer that day.

We've made this drive many times now, but I never get over how pretty the Virginia countryside is.

My nieces and nephews (minus one who stayed "up top.")

Outside Starbucks in Fredericksburg on Saturday morning as Erika and I headed toward Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Amish farm in the Lancaster areas.  (Erika was very taken with the laundry decorating every farmhouse!)

I know there is photography etiquette,  but I didn't educate myself about it.  I hope this long-distance, taken-from-a-moving-car photo isn't an intrusion.

I love not being on a time schedule.  Erika and I stood and watched for quite some time as the balloon was filled, the people climbed in the basket and they lift off.

A second balloon lifted off at about the same time; we kept seeing both as we drove through the beautiful farmland. 

Driving through this beautiful area and thinking about how the Amish live their lives, caused me to reflect on my busy life. Sometimes, barreling down the crowded freeway on my way to work, I think I would gladly trade my life for one on an Amish farm. But, what else would I be willing to give up? A clothes dryer, my electric steamed milk frother? Yes! But, what about my iPhone and the wonders of the Internet?


scotsmad said...

Love the Va countryside. Your pictures brought back lots of memories. Love Lancaster, too, and have many photos of the backs of the Amish people.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

Lois said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely pics of your trip !

Heidi Malott said...

Lovely pictures Melissa! Glad you had a wonderful time.