Saturday, August 27, 2011

Neener, neener you East Coasters!

I bet you think you're having all the fun these last several days what with the earthquakes and hurricane you are having.

Well, we on the bottom-most part of the Left Coast have some weather, too!  Thunder clouds!

Does the cloud on the right look like a dog to you, too?
AND, we even have a flash flood warning bleeping across the bottom of the TV screen.  We won't get but sprinkles from it, but about 10 miles east of us in the mountains they will be getting quite a lot of rain.

I'm teasing, but of course, I know that Hurricane Irene is a very serious matter.  My family on the coast of North Carolina is fine.  My niece and my son-in-law in Virginia are just beginning to feel Irene's effects and you in the New England can only wait for her to appear.  I'm praying and thinking good things for everyone in her way.


scotsmad said...

We just heard that Irene was in NC causin' a ruckus and heading for NY. We hope she doesn't leave too much devastaion.

We're having an early morning fog....does that count?

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Frankie Furter said...

We KNEW you were just yankin our walkin strings and tryin to keep our mood and spirits high.
Watch that Dog Cloud... it just MIGHT PEE on you.

Taryn said...

Here, northwest of Washington, DC, we got nothing but rain (which we badly needed) and breezy wind. There's barely even any leaves down. I guess we were just far enough inland.