Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home again -- again!

I'll be getting back to the regularly scheduled Darby and Pumpkin chronicles soon, but since I use the blog as a sort of diary of not only Darby's and Pumpkin's days, but also my own, I have a few more long-weekend-in-Virginia shots to share.
Countryside outside Sperryville, Virginia
Clouds over Sperryville, Virginia
Hay bales.  I love hay bales.
Temperature after the thunder storm started.  Wish I had captured the before temperature -- it was 89F.
I love rain.
An Impressionist version.
I really like rain.
I love rain and clouds and silos.
I love rain and American flags.
My daughter is really getting into this goin' fishin' business.
Isn't Hank handsome? One of Christian's free-hand paintings on an old window is in the background.  It is beautiful.

At this point, Hank and Bonnie were still wary of each other.  I wish I could have made a shot of them standing together -- Bonnie fits neat and tidy under Hank's belly!
Hydrangeas from my niece Melinda's garden, an old blue glass canning jar and an apprentice glass-blower's early attempt at producing a bottle.
Erika has a way with dogs. 
John Paul Jones' crypt at The Naval Academy, Annapolis.
All the scriptures in the stained glass at the Chapel at Annapolis refer to the sea in some way.
My niece, Melinda, had the good idea of taking a tour of the Academy.  It was fun and informative.  And hot.  And humid. And it started POURING rain just after we escaped into a restaurant.
Erika's decorating using antique chocolate molds and a new crab pot steamer tray hand-made by one of her patients. 
Erika's "painting" on glass.  She sketched the scene free-hand on an old window, then applied a mosaic of torn tissue paper.  Isn't it wonderful?
Erika's and Christian's stairwell gallery.  The beautifully colored San Fransisco skylines are photos Christian enlarges, transfers to old window glass then paints. I love their gallery. I hope they add more.

We'll return to the regularly scheduled Darby's and Pumpkin's Daily tomorrow!


Frankie Furter said...

Oh the Gorgeous vistas!!

scotsmad said...

Great photographs. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

Taryn said...

Nice photo tour of your weekend! I love Erika's tissue paper painting! It's wonderful!

Long ago, like in the 80s, I lived in Annapolis. It's a great little town and I was lucky enough to hang out with a family that had a large sailboat. I spent alot of time on their boat on the bay.

Becky said...

Hi! It looks like you had a great adventure!

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful shots of the VA countryside! (FYI - The others are nice, too.) :)

Amy said...

Lovely pictures! Makes me want to pack up and move there!

Their art creations are wonderful too! :)