Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Color Week over at Poppytalk

5:21 a.m. update: I just have to brag and report that TWO MORE of my "Yellow" photos were spotlighted on Poppytalk!  The Niece-in-a-Balloon and the yellow road stripe were included in the daily summary.  The people over at Poppytalk have such wonderful taste and style -- I'm very excited that they noticed my photos!

One of my all-time favorite blogs is Poppytalk.  And one of my favorite themes on Poppytalk is Color Week.  This week is Summer Color Week and I am THRILLED that another one of my submissions was chosen to be included in their Color Week post yesterday! (Photos of Darby's pink tongue and green eye shine were chosen during previous Color Weeks.)

Yesterday's color was yellow and this photo of Pumpkin and her rabies tag was chosen!

Here are some of the other photos I submitted:

Photo taken by Erika.
Birthday wishes written in glass crayon on my patio door by my little nephew.
Preserved lemon.
Log cabin quilt.
More feverfew.  It's everywhere.
Chapel at Naval Academy, Anapolis
Rainy road outside Fredericksburg, VA


scotsmad said...

The photos are gorgeous.....no wonder they were featured!

Well done.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

You must have a much better camera than we have.....oh, and talent.

Lois said...

You have a truly marvelous eye , the photos are wonderful !! Thank you so much for sharing !

Amy said...

Your Virginia pictures are wonderful. The rain looks so refreshing to this rain-deprived girl! I love that picture of the chapel. It must have been something to see it in person!