Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bye-Bye Mainers

Darby's mom, Bryn, and her human and canine family members have been visiting San Diego for the last several weeks.  They head home to Maine on Wednesday.  We had a few visits with them while they were here and had great fun getting to know them a little better each time.  We spent the day together yesterday and another mistake* turned out very well. 

We were supposed to go to lunch and a movie.  We managed lunch, but we'll have to see "The Lincoln Lawyer" some other time because I read the movie times for Sunday not Monday and when we got to the theater, it was closed until 5:30!  But, that was OK.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day -- the tail end of a storm was pushing through and there were big billowy clouds in the bluest-of-blue skies so we headed for the beach on Coronado Island.  

Of course, I had not brought my camera, and, only twice even thought to pull out my iPhone!  So, here are the only two (lousy) photos we have to commemorate the day:

Sweet little pup-faces to greet us when we drove up to Mike's and Wendy's loft/condo:

Looking back at San Diego from Coronado:

Well, we may not have many photos from our visits with Darby's mom and her family, but we have lots of good memories and the promise of more to come -- Wendy and Mike have invited us to visit them in Maine again this year.  We weren't able to go last year because Glenn's hip was bothering him so badly, but that new hip of his is working just fine and we're taking Wendy and Mike up on the invitation. 

See you in September, Mainers!  Travel home safely!

* I would never have met Wendy and Mike if my dentist's office manager hadn't made a mistake.  


scotsmad said...

Did Darby get over her shyness?

Sounds like you had a great time and something to look forward to in September.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Have a lobster for us.

Anonymous said...

Don't Cardigans make the best "icebreakers" glad they made new friends for you.

Boo's Mom said...

Daisy and Co, Darby did not really have a chance to get over her shyness...we did several things with Wendy and Mike that didn't involve the dogs and since we had planned to go to the movies on Monday we didn't bring our girls with us. Jinnie, cardigans sure are ice breakers!