Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nose and belly freckleage

I love freckles.  On people, but especially on animals.  Freckled noses are good.  Freckled toes are great.  But, belly freckleage is the BEST.

If Pumpkin were a human being she absolutely would not appreciate me plastering a photo of her freckled belly on the internet for all the world (OK--for the 40-or so people who read my blog) to see. 

But then, if she were human, she probably wouldn't be lying on her back showing off her spay incision for all the world to see, would she?  (Nice, tiny and neat incision, huh?)  

One of the sets of freckles looks sorta like Mickey Mouse to me and one looks like Snoopy standing behind a barber's chair.  


Francesca said...

I like your Pumpkin's belly too, and I think she's proud of it:)

Anonymous said...

I bet Pumpkin rolls over for the same reason I do. Tummy tickles! Next to treats, it's my favorite thing!

PersonP.S. Sweet picture.

Peanut said...

To me, muzzle freckleage is my obsession because Peanut has no freckles on his belly. He has only four freckles. Weird eh?

Life With Corgis said...

The freckles on my Joe's front paws are one of my favorite things about him. And I too, LOVE freckles on people ; )