Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cardi Claus has landed!

Darby, Pumpkin and I were the happy recipients of a Cardi Claus package all the way from Jinnie and the dogs at Solstice Kennels in El Paso, Texas.

Lots of goodies for both humans and dogs! 

But, I don't think I can be faulted for liking this cute little Corgi Christmas pin the best of all!

Thank you, Jinnie, and your whole crew! 

Head over to Jinnie's blog to check out the new puppies, if you haven't already!


Anonymous said...

Glad it made it's way to you and yours! Enjoy, if you don't like nuts don't eat the granola :-)

Anonymous said...

You guys must have been very, very, very good! Happy Cardi Claus!
Buddy & Becky

Janet said...

Cute pin!!

Glad yall had fun with Cardi Claus - hope you play again next year!

coopercreek said...
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coopercreek said...

I'm trying to find the blog of the person who was the Cardi claus for Cooper and I. I'm looking for Rebecca in S. CA. Is it you?? Thanks, Laura

Boo's Mom said...

Sorry, Laura, not me. But maybe Becky over at

Buddy is Darby's brother and he and Becky live in northern southern california, as opposed to we who live in southern southern california!!

Hope that helps!

coopercreek said...

Thanks Boo's mom. That does help We're on our way to visit Buddy and his mom's blog now. :-))