Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Two

Day two of Pumpkin's life with us started early--about 3:30 am!  It's my fault for letting her have a big drink just before going to bed.  I stalled around outside with her hoping she would poop, too, but nope!  She waited until I had fallen back asleep for half an hour before deciding she needed to do that!

I was initially discouraged because Darby seemed to have forgotten all about Pumpkin!  She barked and growled just as she had yesterday morning.  But, the "let's play" switch kicked in much sooner than it did yesterday, and they were off!  It was still dark outside, too early to have dogs barking in the backyard, and the wood floors downstairs are too slippery, so we played on the carpet in Erika's old bedroom (Glenn didn't complain, so whatever noise they made must not have awakened him! There wasn't a lot of room--but they made the best of it.  Pumpkin would scoot under the bed thinking she could get away from Darby, but Darby wormed her way under a couple of times.

Of course, the camera was downstairs.

Early in the afternoon, I was reading on the sofa with Darby and Pumpkin on either side of me, and Harry the cat, jumped up on the arm of the sofa next to Darby and purred there until I broke the magical spell by getting up to move a load of laundry from the washer into the drier.  

Of course, the camera was in the other room.

It will be hard to leave them and go to work tomorrow.  But, I'm not worried about them getting along.  They're doing just fine.

Here are some photos from today:

Fat feet running. (This same view of Darby running toward me makes my heart flip-flop.  Add Pumpkin's tri-colored outfit and I'm weak in the knees!)

Get a load of those ears!  They aren't quite as soft as Darby's or Bonnie's but, they are still fun to play with!  And, she seems to like it, too!

Leda has a hill in her yard and she said Pumpkin and Bailey played on it.  We have a small one in our yard, too, an area we still have never landscaped (we've only been here since 1997!)  Pumpkin seems to really like running up and down the hill playing "keep away" with a tennis ball!

Sometimes I want to take the ball from Pumpkin and give it to Darby, but I stick my hands in my pockets and let them sort it out.  Most often, Pumpkin drops it and Darby swoops in to pick it up. 

This girl likes tennis balls.

This one likes bones.

Ankle wrinkleage.

She looks like a little tank to me--sturdy, low to the ground, tough!  But, also very, very sweet. 


Taryn said...

Does Pumpkin try to take the ball away from Darby? Does Darby let her?

Boo's Mom said...

Taryn, Pumpkin doesn't actually take the ball from Darby (yet, anyway!) but if Darby drops it, or Pumpkin gets to it first, she picks it up and hangs on to it. Darby doesn't try to take it away from her, but watches closely and swoops in when Pumpkin lets go.

Taryn said...

Wow, that's great. It sounds like they are both being very polite! Jimmy just took over, day one. I wish Wilson had been more assertive in those early days and taught Jimmy some manners.

Anonymous said...

It's me Buddy's person,
Especially love the picture of the foot! The corgi feet are so cute! But then the whole corgi is a work of art! Buddy is still working on his pet store bone but sends his love.