Monday, October 18, 2010

Day one

Pumpkin's first day with us was a misty-moisty one.  Days when the sun doesn't shine are a real rarity in Southern California--especially 25 miles from the coast where we live.  I love this kind of weather so much that I don't care about my messy floor and the parade of old bathtowels I have lined up inside the back door!

The girls started out the day very wary of each other and ended it as friends.

I can tell you when the turning point happened--right around mid-morning--but I can't tell you what brought it about.  Suddenly, Darby accepted one of Pumpkin's play bows and they never looked back.  They chased each other around the backyard and upstairs on the carpet and on the stairs (with worried me wringing my hands at the bottom) and through the downstairs--everywhere, multiple times, until they wore themselves out.

Here are some scenes from the day.

Taryn, notice the tip of her tail.  She has a flag--but just barely!
The little brown spots above her eyes, "angel eyes" I've heard them called, make her look worried to me.

Leda suspected they would become friends quickly. And, she was right!


Kelly said...

Love it! So cute :)

Anonymous said...

How fantastic! Love the pics. Almost like being there! One corgi is so great, but two is double the fun! Lucky you!
Buddy & PA

Taryn said...

She is adorable!

You sure have a great view off the back of your yard!