Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That Pumpkin is a clever girl

Pumpkin brought a giant, Arkansas-sized bone with her. See it there next to her on the floor?
I think Leda figured that since that little pup managed to drag that huge bone all the way up a hill at Leda's house, she deserved to take it with her to California.

Darby got sort of interested in that big, different-smelling bone and ambled over to take a look.  This was on Sunday when the girls were still a little nervous around each other, and Pumpkin often did the "I'm just a puppy, lesser than you" pose whenever Darby looked at her. 

Notice WHERE she struck up the pose--right in front of the bone!  That clever girl managed to show polite puppy-getting-to-know-an-older-dog manners, while at the same time protecting her prize.

Here, she is still keeping her head lower than Darby's as a polite puppy would in this circumstance, while continuing to protect her prize!
Poor Darby never did get a sniff of that bone.

But, she did get a good sniff of Pumpkin!
I'm glad we don't communicate largely by way of our olfactory senses! 


christian and erika said...

hahahahaha :) She is soooooooooo cute mom. I too am glad that we do not communicate by butt sniffing... :)

Anonymous said...

They are amazing aren't they?! What a smart puppy and a polite Darby to not take her bone by force.

Boo's Mom said...

I thought that might make you laugh, child-of-mine. Buddy, you are right. They are amazing and both of these girls seem to be very polite. Just like you are, I'm sure!

Taryn said...

Clever Pumpkin indeed! They really do seem to be getting along!