Friday, September 24, 2010

Guess whose birthday it is--sort of

Recognize this guy?
This is the male half of the people who belong to Bryn who is Darby's mother.  Remember when I wrote all about it back here?

Well today is Mike's birthday, sort of.


Why "sort of," you ask?

Well our plan was that Glenn and I would be spending this week visiting with Mike, Wendy, Bryn and Dynah in Maine.  We would sightsee and pick up where we left off when the four of them visited our house back in March. Tonight, the plan was, we would all (at least the four humans) go out to celebrate Mike's birthday.  But, in late August, just short of buying plane tickets, we decided it best to postpone the trip until next year (that's a whole other story, but nothing bad.)

We were all so disappointed, even if it was the only thing to be done.  Mike, bless his heart, was disappointed enough to declare this particular birthday (I won't tell you which one it is, but will say he is older than he looks and acts!) will just have to wait until Glenn and I can be there to celebrate with him. 

That works for us!  

But, we hope Mike really, not sort of, enjoys his day!  

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