Thursday, March 11, 2010

Buddy and Sammy are going to be sooo envious!

Buddy and Sammy are going to be soooo envious of Darby!

Guess who Darby gets to meet one day very, very soon?

Take a look at this photo and see if you can guess:

Yes, those are two very, very cute Cardigan Welsh Corgi's.  But, one of them is extra special.

Still can't guess who she is?  Look a closer look:

Notice the freckles on her nose?  Do they remind you of anyone--like maybe Darby?

Those freckles belong to Darby's mother--Coedwig's Temptation Flirt "Bryn" who I had the pleasure of meeting just this afternoon!

It's a long story...

My co-worker, on her way to another building, called to say there were two corgis who "look just like Darby" outside our building.  I was so busy that at first I almost didn't go, but, I'm running low on blog fodder, so I grabbed my phone and my keys and ran downstairs.

A nice couple, about Glenn's and my age, were walking two lovely Cardigans.  I walked up to the woman and said hello.  She was surprised, as we Cardi owners always are, to hear I had two Cardis ("not pems") at home and we talked about them for a bit.  Wendy and her husband Mike are visiting San Diego from Portland, Maine and brought their two dogs with them.  I commented that Bryn looks very much like my pup and asked where she came from.  When Mike said Portland, Oregon I started getting excited.  Coedwigs?  Yes!  From Leda of Coedwigs!  Then one of them, I forgot which one, said Bryn's registered name is Coedwig's Temptation Flirt--and I couldn't believe what I had heard!  I could barely get the words out:  "Your Bryn is my Darby's mother! 

Can you believe it?  We couldn't!  What are the chances that they would be walking by my office building, my co-worker would happen to see them and call me?  What wonderful luck!

So, we exchanged telephone numbers and, if all works out, they will be coming over to our house this weekend so Bryn and Darby can see each other again.

Of course, I'll have my camera ready and will tell you all about it in words and pictures!

I still can't believe it--can you?

P.S.  I feel badly for forgetting the name of Wendy's and Mike's other dog--she sure is a pretty one, too!

UPDATE:  Buddy-boy, just for you I am adding the following photo so you can get a slightly better look at the toe freckleage you have in common with your mama.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darby, you lucky pup!
WOW! What are the odds of that happening... This is so exciting.
I look forward to seeing Mom and Darby together. Post lots of pictures. Freckles on the nose are great but look at the feet. I have freckles on my toes just like Mom and the same foot. Life just keeps on getting better.
Give her a big sloppy lick from me. Tell her I'm doing great.
Thanks for sharing!

Brother Buddy

That corgi :) said...

wow, that is really neat!!! amazing how it all came together! hope all can meet some time soon :)


Play it Again Sam said...

Hey Darby,

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Mom. Let me know how she is doing and if she is happy. It has been a long time since we saw her, right Buddy.

Your brother Sammy.

Amy said...

WOW! What are the odds?? What fun that would be for Darby!! I look forward to pics of their get together.

Also, "toe freckleage" is adorable. You should copyright that phrase. ;)