Saturday, September 25, 2010

UPDATED -- What I did last Saturday...

...and hope to do again today:

Knit on a sweater made with yarn from the lovely Beaverslide Dry Goods  in Montana.

The photo doesn't do the color justice--it's a gorgeous blue called "Huckleberry Heather."

I hope you get to do something you want to do this Saturday!


Sammy left a comment telling me what he is doing on this lovely Saturday--he, Baily, the Pumpkin-girl and Leda (and who knows how many other of the 22 dogs who live at Leda's house) are at a dog show in Gray Summit, Missouri.   Sounds like "running around the hotel room" just might be the highlight of the trip. I hope Pumpkin behaves and learns not to make too much noise in her crate, so she can be good on our flight home to California next month!

I had never heard of Gray Summit so I Googled it!  (If I were responsible for policing the Google brand, I would correct me and say that GOOGLE is a trademark, the proper use of which in this context is "I performed a GOOGLE search")  Sadly, most of the first Google entries are about a terrible school bus crash in April of this year.  But, I also learned that Gray Summit is on the famous Route 66 (so be sure to get your kicks, OK, Sammy?) and the population in the county is about 3,000 with a density of about 377 people per square mile which is considered very low. The tornado activity is slightly above average for Missouri, meaning 106% greater than the US overall average.

But, by far, the most interesting information was "Most popular first names in Gray Summit, MO among deceased individuals and their ages at death:"  Check it out -- I guess there is at least one benefit to being named "Bertha."(I apologize to any readers who are named Bertha or have a loved one named Bertha.)

Name    Count    Lived (average)
George    6             76.2 years
John        5             71.6 years
Joseph     4            62.8 years
William   4            77.8 years
Edward   3            83.0 years
Charles   3            82.4 years
James     3           69.7 years
Bertha    3           88.9 years
Anna     3           73.0 years
Grace    3           88.0 years

(My sister says I have too much free time.  Whatever would prompt her to say that?)


Sammy said...

Sammy here,

We are in Gray Summit at the dog show. We won't show till later this afternoon. Pumpkin is learning the ropes--how to poop on lead, be quiet in the crate, run around the motel room. So far she has been a pretty good girl (Bailey too). We will see how they do at the show site with all the noise and barking and smells.

Your brother Sammy

Amy said...

You are too funny! I happen to be a nut for unusual statistics, too, so I find this information fascinating! ;)