Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Email from Leda

So, Darby received an email today from her first human "mom", Leda.

The subject line said: "Watch out Darby."

The text said:  "Just in case Darby thinks life will be easier when Bonnie leaves."

The photos said:

I think those photos said just what Leda said:  "Watch out Darby!" 

P.S.  Isn't Leda's blue boy, "Bailey, a cutie? 


Anonymous said...

Oh how lucky you are to be getting another wonderful Coedwig puppy! And Bailey takes my breathe away!
What I wouldn't give for a another puppy like him!
Buddy's person

Boo's Mom said...

So, Buddy's person--the Blue's affect you the way the Tri's (like Pumpkin) affect me! That doesn't mean we don't appreciate how good looking our Buddy and Darby are and love them very much--it just means there is something in that primitive part of our brains that lights up when we see a certain combination of colors and patterns. I think it is very interesting. If I remember correctly, Leda said you were on the list for the next Blue!

Sammy said...

Sammy here,

Yes my human said Buddy was number one on the list for a blue puppy to play with.


Anonymous said...

Your right! Buddy is so special. I really think he was meant for me. He's my buddy! He makes me laugh. It will be 2 X the fun to have another when the time is right! And WOW Sammy said we are on the top of the list!