Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pretty profiles

It's sad to think that Bonnie will be leaving us soon -- maybe as early as October 1, if the weather cools enough in Dallas to allow her to fly through there on the same plane that is taking me for a short visit with Erika and Christian. 

Today, she got the rabies shot she was due for, a heartworm test (which was negative--not likely she would get heartworm in Southern California) and a package of heartworm medication which our vet wants her to start taking before she even steps foot in Virginia although I hear from Erika that the mosquitoes have died down considerably. 

She was pronounced fit for travel, so now all we do is wait for the weather.

If Bonnie is able to leave with me on the first of October, Darby will be an "only child" again for a short while before the little holy terror Pumpkin bounds into our life in mid-October. 

I've loved my little Bon-Bon granddaughter dog since the day I met her six years ago.  I'm going to miss her, but she belongs with her mom.  Sigh.

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