Friday, September 10, 2010

Does this make me a stage mom?

So, you know that I entered Darby's photo in the "Corgis with Blogs Calendar" contest over at  Corgi Butts.
If I tell you I submitted Darby's and Bonnie's photos to the Cardigan Convention over at The Daily Corgi, too, would you accuse me of being a shameless stage mother?  One of those women who peddles her pretty daughters everywhere and makes them think that a pretty face is more important than a pretty sit/stay or a pretty heel?   That a pretty front is more important than what's inside?

If I promise not to make them wear lipstick or sleep with rollers in their hair, will you forgive me for showing off my pretty girls?  (One of whom is actually Erika's pretty girl?)   Jump over there and check them out--and all the other pretty Cardigans, too! 

P.S. It seems I misunderstood--Darby will have her own page in the second, 18-month calendar that Kelly at Corgi Butts is going to have made!  How generous of her!  Be sure to buy some, OK?


Sammy said...

Sammy here-

Of course not. If that were the case then all those other corgis have shameless stage mothers too. I think we corgis are just the most wonderful dogs in the world and our owners can't help but want to let the world know. Besides, once you look into our eyes--you are lost forever (giggle giggle).


Rocco said...

Rocco here,

I agree with Sammy (unusual for me to agree with that little whippersnapper).

As her uncle, I was wondering why you didn't submit a Pumpkin picture, especially one of those by the crepe myrtle tree.

Daddy (and Uncle) Rocco

Sammy said...

Hi Darby,

Sammy said I could use his blog to contact you and let you know what has been happening in my life.

Bailey and I have been sleeping in crates upstairs now, though we spend the day in our pen downstairs. Sammy said that this weekend, we may learn how to go up and down the side porch stairs so we can use that yard. (Carrying us up and down to the big yard is getting harder, now that I am 12 pounds!).

Next week we are going to the county fair for meet the breed, and then the following weekend, I get to go to the dog show with Bailey, Sammy, Zoe and Sandie. I hope it isn't to scary.

Well just wanted to let you know what I've been up to. I can't wait to get to California to meet you.

Your new sister Pumpkin

Boo's Mom said...

Oh boy! Pumpkin and Bailey have some exciting times ahead of them! I taught Darby to walk down the stairs when she was about 12 pounds and so wiggly that I almost fell carrying her. We can't wait for the Pumpkin-girl!

Anonymous said...

We agree with everyone. If you've got it, flaunt it! Thanks for the link, those corgis are magnificent. Of course, we've never met one that wasn't! We're just a little prejudice when it comes to Bonnie and Darby, though.

Laurie Eno said...

It was GREAT to have Darby on The Daily Corgi for Cardi Convention week!

Thanks for sharing her.

Laurie Eno
Founder & Editor
The Daily Corgi