Saturday, September 11, 2010


I planted zinnia seeds this year but I guess they didn't care for our strangely cool summer because they just didn't do well.  I never had the jugs-full that I had anticipated decorating my house with.  This was the most I had blooming at one time:

Still, they are so pretty and they last so long as cut flowers, that I'm sure I will try to grow them again next year.

(On my monitor at least, those flowers and those tongues are the same color!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby's Mom! It's me Buddy!
I hope our future garden (we call it Johnny Crow's garden after a children's nursery rhyme book) grows as pretty flowers as yours does. Working left little time for the yard but we hope we can bring it back. Darby's so pretty and very slim. Wish I was.