Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear, Leda.

Dear, Leda.

Thank you, again, for entrusting Glenn and me with not just ONE of the pups you have so carefully bred, but soon, a SECOND one.

By now you know how nervous I am, how much I worry about Darby--and will worry about Pumpkin.  You know how I have too much time on my hands how carefully I think about the toys they play with and the activities they do.  You know how neurotically carefully I pay attention to the eating and drinking and pooping of creatures that are entrusted to my care.  One can tell a LOT about a creature by observing its poop, huh?  Did I ever mention the time I fed Erika strawberry Jello? (Glenn would say this topic is yet ANOTHER one that I just didn't have to mention.  Poor Glenn.) 

Anyway, because you know how strange I am how much I care for Darby and want Pumpkin to feel welcomed here when she joins us next month, it probably won't surprise you to open the package I mailed off to you today.

A terry cloth hand-towel.

After I slept with the towel under my pillow for a couple of nights, I put it in Darby's crate for a few nights.  Then, just before packing it up, I rubbed it over the back of Harry the cat.  My thought is that letting Pumpkin sleep with the towel for a few weeks before she comes to live with us might let her be a little familiar with us when she gets here. 

So, this is fair warning--when you receive an envelope with an El Cajon, CA return address in a few days,  you might want to put on rubber gloves before opening it!




Taryn said...

If you are strange and neurotic,(er, I mean careful and attentive) then you are in very good company among the dog-person world! I think we all tend to "dote" just a tad on our beloved caninies.

Sammy said...

Sammy here

My PA will keep a look out for the "package. She will be sending you a package with the Pumpkin smell towel, and her packet, so you will have less to carry back o the plane.