Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So, remember the non-stuffed, stuffed animals I got the girls?

Take a close look:

Now, take a look at who arrived at Erika's and Christian's house today:

Is it only me, or is there an unfortunate resemblance here?

P.S.  Leda, the ferret's name is "Rocco." 
P.P.S.  Erika has read a good bit about ferrets and dogs and evidently, dogs that don't have high prey instincts usually get along really well with ferrets.


Taryn said...

Both my guys have very high prey drive. Rocco wouldn't stand a chance. I hope Bonnie is a gentler/kinder Cardigan!

christian and erika said...

The Bonster grew up with a cat, so I think she will do just fine. For fun, check out this video of a corgi and a ferret playing.