Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Buddy's Personal Assistant is better than I am

Buddy's personal assistant is better than I am.

If you go to his blog (see it in my sidebar,) you'll see all sorts of photos that she has taken on the walks they go on.  I decided not to stand back envying her any longer without trying it myself.

So, on Tuesday, when we went for a walk, I took my camera.  Not my big, expensive,  have-to-mess-with-settings-and-cry-real-hard-if-I-dropped-it-camera, just my cell phone camera.

Well, I have to say I don't deserve to stand in Buddy's personal assistant's shadow.

Here are the best (the BEST!) two photos I got:


Shortly after this, the girl's leashes got tangled, I almost dropped my phone trying to put it in my pocket with one hand, and I almost stepped in dog poop that someone didn't pick up off the sidewalk!

Then!  Then!  When we were on our way home but still several houses away, Bonnie decided she needed to poop!  She was outside all day long, and decides she needs to poop while out for a walk!

And, OF COURSE, I didn't have any bags with me.*

Not only is Buddy's personal assistant better than I am at taking out-and-about photos, she probably would never consider leaving home without poop bags!

* I trudged home, hoping that no one saw Bonnie poop, and returned with a bag! 


Sammy said...

Sammy here,

My PA never leaves home without poop bags. In fact she forgets to take them out of her pockets when we come back from dog shows and ends up pulling out bags while at work. People think she is weird. (I don't, after all she is the hand that feeds me.)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby's person, I'll tell you a secret! We sometimes have to go back home 2 or 3 times before I ever get to walk, (forgot to turn on the alarm, forgot the treats, forgot the camera, etc.)
This morning we had to go back for the leash. We were almost to the end of the block before she realized I wasn't on the leash. She didn't forget the treats so I was staying close.
Also want to know another secret?! The camera thing is just point and click and hope for the best! We have pictures of shoes, dirt, sidewalk, wall. You get the picture!(little play on words there). But let's don't tell. She's feeling pretty proud of herself that she's mentioned on Darby's blog.