Monday, September 20, 2010

New toys!

I was at the pet store picking up food for Bonnie (which, of course, they didn't carry in a size that will just tide her over until October 1, when I hope she will fly to Erika in Virginia, but rather will last her until this time next year!) and I found the cutest toys I just couldn't resist buying.
They are flat stuffed--or rather not-stuffed--animals that have small empty water bottles inside their bodies.  The idea is that most dogs love chomping on crackly water bottles and when the first bottle is all chomped out, you open the velcro flap on the belly, pull it out and insert another one.  (My sister gave Darby a non-plush dragon like this.  She LOVED it but proceeded to nibble off the velcro strips holding the flap shut!  She didn't eat them, just rendered them -- and therefore the toy -- useless!)

Of course, I gave each girl her own animal.  And of course, at one point each girl decided she preferred the one her friend had! 

 Well, OK.  So BOTH girls didn't decide they wanted the other's toy, Bonnie decided she wanted Darby's toy.

And, of course,  Bonnie managed to assert her authority and take Darby's toy away! (At least she didn't try to stop Darby from immediately picking up the one she had dropped!)

It's going to be interesting to see how Darby and Pumpkin sort things out and determine who is top dog.  I have a sneaking suspicious the Pumpkin-girl will be it -- Leda says she is quite feisty and not timid with the older dogs.

It will be interesting! 

P.S.  Bonnie is so much easier to photograph than Darby is--Darby's dark eyes often get lost in her dark face.  I'm going to have to learn how to compensate for that--Pumpkin's face is even darker.


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me Buddy!
Boy! are you guys lucky! I love to chew plastic bottles when I can get 'em. I'm going have to send my person off to the pet store!

Taryn said...

When Jimmy came home as an 11 week pup, he marched straight from the car, (through the house, remarking on the TV quite loudly) and out into the backyard where he very promptly took the stick Wilson had. He took it right out of his mouth, no qualms whatsoever. He's been the boss ever since!

Sammy said...


Pumpkin is more of a bone girl than a toy girl. She zooms in on every bone on the floor, in the yard, or in the Belgain crates. I haven't seen her play much with soft toys. So Darby, guard your bones well.


Boo's Mom said...

I hope you like the toy, Buddy. The girls are still playing with theirs. Taryn, something tells me Pumpkin just might be like your Jimmy! Darby loves bones, too, Leda. This is going to be very interesting!