Friday, August 20, 2010

Stealing ideas from "It's me, Buddy!" again

On Buddy's Blog the other day, Buddy and his personal assistant commented on how intense Buddy's eyes are and how he is always watching and seeming to be thinking and understanding what he sees.

I think Darby is like that, too. 

Look at those eyes! 

Can you tell she's thinking, "As soon as The One Who Feeds Me puts down that darned hose, maybe she'll throw the ball for me!


Kelly said...

Yep, that's definitely the "I'm so cute, why wouldn't you want to play w/me?" look :)

Taryn said...

I saw your comment on my blog about Agility Starter kits. I looked around on Google and it seems almost everyone sells the same kit, by Kyjen. It seems to sell at around $45 dollars. I'd say just hunt around until you find a website you are comfortable with, and go with one of those. Also, a very popular book is:
Agility Start to Finish by Diane Bauman
Alpine Publications
Author: Diane Bauman with Jessica Ajoux
Format: Hard cover, Full color
Size: 9" x 11.25"
Length: 264 pages
Release Date: 2008

It sells on the website. That site is a great resource for info as well.

I know you just want to dabble, but that's what I thought at first too :-) It's a highly addictive game! I never would have thought I would compete. Wilson went all the way to his Excellent titles in AKC, and if luck is on my side, Jimmy will go to a MACH.

Kristine said...

Darby is ADORABLE--look at those eyes. I think a brindle Cardi may be in my future...