Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nurse Pumpkin

Leda sent me this photo of Pumpkin with her ears taped.  Leda thinks she looks like a nurse. 

Leda is giving away her approximate age by remembering when nurses wore those pretty white caps, shoes and white stockings.  Anybody remember Cherry Ames?  Oh!  I wanted to be Cherry Ames!

My heart is beating faster just looking at what appears to be black outlining the tan of Pumpkin's inner right ear.  Maybe, just maybe her ears with look like these,  even if they aren't as big. (Zoe and Darby are related...I can't remember how, but I think they are half sisters.)

Here are a couple of photos of Darby with the dreaded tape:

My friend and I aren't as good at taping ears as Leda is!

But, they turned out OK:


Play it Again Sam said...

Sammy here-

Darby and I are Carbon grandkids and Zoe is a Carbon daughter. Pumpkin is a a great grandkid. So we are all related to each other through Carbon.


Taryn said...

Wilson was sent home with his ears all taped-up for the ride. He hated it so we removed it as soon as we were in the car :-) His ears stood up just fine about a month later. Jimmy's ears were up on their own at seven weeks, so when I went back at 11 weeks to bring him home, I didn't have to worry!

Jimmy is also a Carbon descendant, great-grandpa, I believe.

Boo's Mom said...

All this ancestry is confusing to me! But, it's good to know Darby and Pumpkin are related and that they have a relative--Jimmy--in Virginia not too far from Erika.

That Carbon sure is a special guy, isn't he?

Funny about the ears--Bonnie's were up before Erika brought her home, which I think was right about 8 weeks old.