Monday, August 2, 2010

Not a video

So. Remember how I said I think Darby follows my hand and voice signals when she is trying to find a tennis ball--kind of like the "you're getting warmer" game? And, you know how I said I would try to get a video of it? Well, I haven't managed a video yet (I don't want to bug Glenn while we are in the middle of Pumpkin negotiations) but I did manage to get these photos that I think somewhat illustrate what Leda assures me is Darby's herding instincts on display.

See the ball near the top of the photo, to the right of Darby and almost straight up from Bonnie?  Good for you!;  Darby doesn't see it!   She is starting a zig-zag run around the yard.

 In this next photo,  I have said "Get that ball!" which makes her look at me.  I pointed my finger and she has zagged and is running to the left (the ball is off to her right side.)

Here, I have said "No!" at which point she did an about-face and ended up right on top of the ball!

And, here she is running back to me with the ball in her mouth!

Isn't she smart?!


That corgi :) said...

she's very smart and she would make a great teacher for Pumpkin too!!!


Buddy said...

I always thought you had great moves Darby. You proved me right!

Becky said...

We did a taste test with Buddy. Guess what he likes green beans! Everything I can find on the web says it's an alternative for dogs that are always hungry. Have fiber makes them less hungry. I'm going to introduce slowly and not a lot and maybe we'll have a trim and fit Buddy. Yeah! Thanks for the tip!
Buddy's person