Sunday, August 1, 2010

Be still, my beating heart!

So, not only is the Pumpkin-girl tri-colored, which is my absolute, complete and total favorite "outfit" for a dog, but she also has belly frecklege -- something that makes me go weak in the knees. (Darby has belly frecklege, too. I love it!)

I'm making chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for Glenn today. He likes that even better than lemon meringue pie. (o:

P.S. Did you notice the little puppy-dude at the top of the first picture? The one with the black spot on the top of his head? His black mask prompted Leda to name him "Zorro." I wonder if his new family will keep the name.


Play it Again Sam said...

Sammy here--

Yes, they are going to call him Zorro, plus they are taking a blue boy and will call him Ziggy. So it is the Cardigan team of Ziggy and Zorro.


Play it Again Sam said...

Sammy again,

My human wants to know how you make Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream? Do you make homemade icecream and add chocolate chip cookie dough? If you do we all want some!


That corgi :) said...

yum on the ice cream!! you know what they say about a man and his stomach and heart, LOL

love the freckles on the belly too!

when Glenn, when???


Buddy said...

I have my paws still crossed. I hope Mr. says YES soon! That is one cute puppy.

Do you think if we could find a way, he might share the cookie dough with me? Dieting is for the birds not the Buddy!

Boo's Mom said...

Betty, belly freckles are really cool, huh?

Sammy, I've made ice cream a lot since getting an ice cream maker attachment for my Kitcheaide mixer. This time I am following the vanilla ice cream recipe in "The Perfect Scoop." For the cookie dough, you mix everything in the regular cookie dough recipe except the eggs. The recipe then says to chill it, cut it into pieces and mix it into the ice cream at the appropriate point for your ice cream maker. For me, that means after it has been chilled/mixed in the mixer and as I am packing it into the container it will be frozen in. My attachment produces a soft-serve type ice cream that then has to spend a couple of hours in the freezer so it can be scooped. I've never made the cookie dough stuff before...will let you know how it turns out. Glenn ALWAYS orders cookie dough ice cream at Baskin Robbins or if we buy it at the grocery store.

Like you said, Betty, I'm trying to get to him through his stomach!


Boo's Mom said...

Oh! Buddy, dieting is just terrible. Especially for a corgi! But we humans have a hard time with it, too! Maybe you could work off more calories by chasing Jennifer?? I'm sure Jennifer and your person don't appreciate me making that suggestions!!