Monday, August 2, 2010


If this doesn't kill him by mid-night tonight
Glenn will say "yes" to this:

Yesterday evening when I handed Glenn the bowl of home-made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I begged him, "Say 'yes'!"  He said he wanted to wait overnight to make sure my home-made ice cream didn't kill him.

This morning he declared that the food-poisoning window was still open so he was waiting until this evening. 

Tonight he walked in the door complaining of stomach pains (faker!) and saying he needs until midnight to decide.

If he keeps this up much longer, he'd better hire a food taster!  He's gonna need one!! 

P.S.  The ice cream is great, and I don't like cookie-dough!  Want the recipe?  You can find the vanilla ice cream recipe here.  But, you'll need to buy his book for the cookie-dough recipe.


That corgi :) said...

that ice cream looks delicious!! I'm glad that Glenn is so close to saying "yes". you worked hard to get Pumpkin to be part of your household!


Buddy said...

What a way to go!! He'll definitely say "yes". Paws crossed!

Amy said...

Hooray! We knew he would say yes eventually! Can't wait for the "official" word! Oh, and that ice cream looks delicious!! I am seriously impressed. :)