Monday, August 9, 2010


If you look very closely at this photo

you can see the pink ball Bonnie has just dropped (near her chest) in order to catch a yellow ball falling toward her (just to the right of the tree trunk.) 

In this photo the pink ball is just about to hit the ground in front of Bonnie and the yellow ball is just below the pomegranate tree.   (Darby is watching probably wishing that Bonnie wouldn't try to hog both balls all the time!)

Bonnie caught the ball and here she is running back with it with Darby about to run after the one she left behind.

I think it is so cool that I managed to snap photos of the ball I had just thrown as it fell through the air.  Wish I could claim it was skill, but all it was was luck and a camera that is much better than the photographer!

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Taryn said...

Cardigans definitely LOVE their tennis balls! I have 2 ball fiends as well!