Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Award!

Darby's Daily is the lucky recipient of this award:

bestowed on us by Jimmy's and Wilson's human.

I'm afraid I can't meet the requirement of passing it on to 15 (15!) blogs that I read, but I will give it a good try.

In addition to the limited number in my blog roll, I also enjoy checking in on these fairly regularly:

1.  Bloom a blogger from an area of Montana where I would some day like to live.
2.  Soule Mama  a stay at home mama who blogs from Portland, Maine.
3.  Mackville Road a mama blogging from somewhere "in the Middle."
4.  Daily Paintings by Heidi Malott another person from somewhere "in the Middle."  I own one of her lovely paintings.
5.  Now Norma Knits from Vermont and the very first blog I read each day.  She makes me laugh.
6. FuoriBorgo who lives in a small hill town in Italy.
7. Simply Recipes  from Northern California whose recipes have NEVER failed me.
8. Poppy Talk just plain fun stuff.

But of course, my all time favorite blogs are those belonging to Darby's brothers Buddy and Sammy.  They are listed in my blog roll, but here they are again:

9. It's Me, Buddy! who lives with his human, Becky, and Jennifer the poodle in Southern California.
10. Play it Again Sam, Sammy who lives with his human, Leda, and 8,000 dogs (just kidding!) including the PUMPKIN Girl!

Thanks for featuring us, A Tail of Two Cardis, who happens to live in Virginia, not far from Erika and Christian.

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