Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've been thinking about getting a backyard agility set.

While Darby and I both really enjoyed the beginner agility class we took last year, I just don't have the coordination and agility (!) to take it up seriously and I'm not really interested in taking more classes where we have to work on getting things just right.  I just want something fun to do with the Darbs and Bonnie that doesn't involve a tennis ball!

We had so much fun with that darned water-heater box tunnel last year,  I've been thinking about upping the fun level by investing a little money in a simple agility set like this.

But, watching the kids play with the dogs the other night made me think that maybe I should buy the pieces individually because maybe I don't need a tunnel.  One visits next door on a regular basis.

(Darby just managed a quick kiss.  And, in true pre-teen fashion, the boy wiped off that nasty girl-kiss as quickly as possible!)

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

cute pictures, enjoyed the man-made tunnel too! It is hard to think how to keep these corgis entertained without the constant throwing a ball or rope or whatever. maybe they would enjoy a few cows in the backyard to herd :)

(or not, LOL)