Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Differences caught on film

I've been trying to articulate the differences I've noticed in the way Bonnie and Darby move. 

The best way that I've been able to describe the differences is to say that Bonnie is sedate, collected, measured and Darby is boisterous, bouncy, rambunctious. 

I think I caught the differences on film the other day as I clicked away willy-nilly, while the girls played with the neighbors' grandchildren.  The photos are not good--but they do capture what I've noticed.

Look how Bonnie's back is straight and she keeps her head low:

And, look how Darby's back curves and she carries her head high:

Look how Darby's cute little rear end flies up into the air:

And how Bonnie's cute little rear end stays pretty level with her shoulders:

Of course, I didn't snap photos of the girls in exactly the same positions but their positions are similar enough to show what I think is a fundamental difference between how the two girls move.  I don't know if one way is better than the other--both dogs can be lightening fast.  Darby seems more inclined to jump over things and better able to "turn on a dime," but much less inclined to jump up on things and walk along the edge of them.  I have no idea what, if any of these differences could be attributed to the five year difference in their ages. And,  I have no idea which dog would be better at what they were bred to do: drove.  But no matter; they are both good at having fun!

When I watch the two dogs running around the yard, I marvel at how similar they are.  But, I also like looking for the differences.  Differences are good; they keep life interesting!

P.S.  Maybe Leda will read this and have time to leave a comment about what I've pointed out...


That corgi :) said...

I do hope Leda does read it because those are interesting comparisons between the two; I too wondered if it was the 5-year age gap or just personality or what? good observations!

(feel the earthquake???)


Play it Again Sam said...


The differences you see basically relate to their structures--depending on how far back the shoulders are, the angles of the upper and lower arms( front legs), etc. Structure determines reach and drive, which is what you see in Bonnie's pictures. Not having had my hands on Bonnie, I can only assume that her shoulders (shoulder layback) are set further back than Darby's.

Of course Darby's speed and turning on a "dime", relate to her youth too.

Can they both do the job they were bred for--yes.

Boo's Mom said...

Thanks, Leda! It's fun to get your take on things! I think Darby sometimes bounces around--rather like a kid might skip instead of running full speed. She seems more playful than Bonnie. While I'm sure that is partly because she is younger, I think Bonnie was always on the serious side--even as a puppy. She is what people sometimes call an "old soul." And I am going to miss her come October when she goes home to her mom.

Thanks again, Leda!