Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where Darby and Bonnie sleep

Darby and Bonnie sleep in the bedroom with Glenn and me, but not on our bed. If I had my way, they would be on the bed. But, if Glenn had his way they just might be in the garage, so I don't push the bed thing! (I am guilty of sneaking Bonnie in next to me early, early in the morning sometimes. Darby is too THRILLED to be on the bed so I can't sneak her in!)

Bonnie can be trusted not to wander in the middle of the night, so she sleeps on the cute little dog bed under the little desk I use as a nightstand. (You'll notice I'm using the top of Darby's crate as a second night stand! One can never have too many books next to one's bed!)
Here's Bonnie curled up ready to sleep. 
I don't yet trust Darby not to wander, so she still sleeps in her crate.  Her crate is covered with a quilt and during the winter, I put up a fabric bumper around the inside of the crate to stop drafts.  I took the bumper down a few days ago, but Mr. Greenbean is still there -- just as he has been ever since he and Darby left Leda to come live with us!

Update: As I re-read this it sounds to me like Darby is all nice and cozy in the winter with a quilt covering her crate and a bumper lining it and there is Bonnie, left out in the cold! Well, she is snugged in under the desk, but when it was cold, I added a blanket for her to burrow under. The sweatshirt you see was my foolhardy attempt to make a sleep sack for her--neither one of us got any sleep until she wiggled her way out of the "sleep" sack and burrowed under it!

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That corgi :) said...

Darby's crate is like Koda's crate; gives them lots of room I think :)

I think with their thick furs they don't get (too) cold with the winters we have here. Koda use to frolic in the snow in Montana all the time and actually enjoyed the cold weather over hot

both beds and sleeping arrangements seem to work out great for your girls

good thinking not to have the dog on the bed :)