Thursday, April 29, 2010



Anonymous said...

Hi!It's me Buddy's Person!
That is a cute picture of your girls! And the yes one. These guys are very expressive. Sign of intelligence I'm sure! Buddy did want me to ask if you thought they might have a bigger rug?

Buddy and Person

That corgi :) said...

the bestest of friends! that is a very cute picture :)


Anonymous said...

So, Buddy. You think the girls could use a bigger rug, huh?
I think it is so funny that they cram themselves under the desk that way! There isn't room for a bigger rug under there--even if I did give up my leg space! I put another rug nearby in the same room, but they both want to be under the desk! Silly girls!

Anonymous said...

Betty, the "bestest friends" part is only sometimes! Buddy's human, I didn't respond to your comment about how expressive they are. Isn't that the truth! Bonnie is also very expressive vocally--much more so than Darby. Bonnie is one of those dogs that sounds like she is talking to you. Great animals, aren't they!

Amy said...

So cute!! I am thinking you are going to need another corgi once Bonnie goes back to live with Erika!!