Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The weather in Southern California is so temperate that it's difficult to define our seasons. But, we do have them. In just the last week the nectarine and mandarin trees have bloomed along with various flowers. It's a pretty time of year.

A pretty time of year, and one that requires lots of extra vacuuming in a house with two corgis!

P.S. Erika read somewhere that Corgis shed enough to make another Corgi in a week. It always makes me chuckle to think of that!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby's Mom! It's me Buddy!
Those are some beautiful flowers. If those are in your yard you must have a very green thumb! You can almost smell them!
I wonder if they are good to eat!
Person P.S. Ditto! except for the "good to eat."

That corgi :) said...

beautiful blossoms! it is so pretty to walk and see this and that coming into bloom

oh my gosh, I can't imagine vacuuming after two of them! One is enough here. Interesting fact Erika said too; I believe it with the amount of hair I remove from the vacuum every time I vacuum (at least 2-3 times here a week, I should do it daily, but....)

beautiful weather we indeed are having


Amy said...

Beautiful flower pictures!