Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Darby is getting more determined

Not too long ago, Darby wouldn't even run after a ball if Bonnie was nearby. (Bonnie is nearby--see her tail in the lower left.)
And then she started running after the ball, but not picking it up.
But now, she runs after it, picks it up and runs away from Bonnie without giving it up!
She's getting more determined and faster.  But, Bonnie would probably say she is just letting Darby win!

P.S.  I LOVE it when Darby's toe pads show when she is running.


That corgi :) said...

LOL, I think you are right. Its just a matter of opinion, Bonnie allowing and Darby gaining confidence. All in all, it is neat that they get along well with each other


Anonymous said...

Hi! Darby, it's me Buddy, wishing I was in on all that fun! I love to run and run and run! My person has started calling our walk a run. I do give her a break and slow down after awhile. Like Bonnie, she'd probably say she just has me trained, so I let her think that! Can't hurt, right? I get more treats and sweet talk that way.
Brother Buddy

P.S. I wish I was famous, but that's my KiKi's school. She uses the blog in the office to help kids, having a little trouble, get back to being successful. Some of them come back at recess to see what I'm up to everyday. I love KiKi and her people!