Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Femur bones

I managed to order beef femur bones from my local Vons.  When I arrived this afternoon to pick them up, the nice young men behind the meat counter tried to send me to "aisle 5."  I've been to "aisle 5," and came home with meaty soup bones that Leda says the girls will love but are very messy.

So, I persisted.  No, I said, "I want femur bones.  And, the nice Hispanic man who was here on Sunday ordered them for me; I saw him mark 'femur bones' on the order form."  "Which Hispanic man?" they wanted to know?  "The one who worked on Sunday," I said, but that didn't give them enough information.  After a ten minute trip "to the freezer," one of the men came back with a HUGE box.  30 pounds, just like Leda said!  But, I didn't have to buy all of them!  I picked out the ones that looked the most like those cleaned, stuffed bones on sale at the pet store, they were wrapped, weighed and labeled and I came home with 7 pounds of bones for $9.00. 

 (The bones weren't dirty and covered with dog hair until AFTER the girls had them for a bit.)

Look at what a good job the girls did of getting at that yummy marrow!  Then I remembered Leda's warning about how that rich marrow input can result in some icky output, and I took the bones away for the day!


Play it Again Sam said...

Hi Darby and Bonnie,

I hope you like the new bones. Your mom got really nice ones. Just the right size. Once the marrow is completely out, you will be able to gnaw on them for a long time and they will help keep your teeth clean. Enjoy.

Sammy's Human

That corgi :) said...

good for you for being persistent to get those femur bones; I bet Darby and Bonnie did enjoy them! I think Koda would do but since he is on the strictest of diets so we don't end up with colitis problems again, sadly he won't have any of these for a bit. But......who knows in the future