Thursday, February 18, 2010


You probably know this, but in the blog world Wednesdays are called "Random Wednesdays" and blog entries posted that day are often just that--random; random stuff that didn't work its way into dedicated posts earlier in the week, but is too good to just ignore.

Well, today is Random Friday here at Darby's Daily.   Here are a few random photos from yesterday:

Every morning and evening, a HUGE number of pesky, noisy crows caw-caw their way over our house on their way from and to the avocado groves across the canyon from us where they roost at night.  Yesterday a bunch decided to stop in our cottonwood tree. (I only caught a few in this photo.)
There weren't there long before Darby and Bonnie decided they shouldn't be there and ran barking at the tree.  Off they went!

It is rare, but every now and then, Darby gets the better of Bonnie and pins Bonnie on her back. I happened to catch a photo of it yesterday:

The ends. (I think they are so cute--coming and going!)

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That corgi :) said...

those black birds can be pesty (and noisy, can't they)

too cute with Darby pinning Bonnie; bet that won't happen again for a long time